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We love a good party, and we host them better than anyone else! Whether you have a birthday for 10 people or a major launch for 120 people, we can accommodate you. With a full commercial kitchen, we are able to offer canape and set menu options that cater for any occasion. Our unique basement space is both flexible and functional. Day time functions are also available.

For more information, check out our menus below.


Step 1

Select how many food items will be served per person.

  • 3 items for $15
  • 4 items for $20
  • 5 items for $25

Step 2

Select the food items that will be served

  1. Arancini (V)
  2. Bite Size Salmon & Leek Cakes Served with Lime Aioli
  3. Cherry Tomatoes with Bocconchini And Basil (V)
  4. Mini Quiche Camembert & Spinach (V)
  5. Mini Quiche Loarraine
  6. Ocean Trout with Cream Fraiche
  7. Onion Rings (V)
  8. Panko Prawns
  9. Salt and Pepper Calamari
  10. Satay Chicken Skewers
  11. Jalapeno Poppers
  12. Scotch Eggs
  13. Slider Roadhouse Burger
  14. Spring Rolls (V)
  15. Wings – (Pick One Of 2 Styles)
    • Southern style with blue cheese sauce
    • Hot
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